6 Business Etiquettes that can Help Change the Energy in Your Business

Sometimes, a small adjustment can make the world of difference to the energy within your business.  Here are my top six business etiquettes that have changed my business or my clients’ businesses:

  1. SMILE – Smile during a firm handshake or when answering the phone.  Your smile can be heard on the phone and when meeting someone in person your smile is your signature and part of their first impression of you. No one likes a grump.
  2. TAKE NOTES – Take notes about your clients so that you can ask questions when you next speak to them. Writing down some facts about your client and remembering them when you next speak to them goes a long way. It shows you care, and it just might make someone’s day.
  3. PAY – If you take a client, consultant, or professional college out – it is your shout.  If I ask my clients to join me, I will always shout, after all I am taking them on a date.
  4. JUST CHILL – Do not send emails or pick up a phone when you are angry.  Write the email, park it, and send it once you have calmed down and re-read it. I love this one.  I have used this strategy multiple times within many clients’ businesses. Property Management is a difficult job at times and it’s completely understandable and okay to get upset, it is not okay however, to take it out on another person. Write the email without the address, breathe, let it go or if you can’t let it go ask someone to help you take the emotion out of the email before you hit send.
  5. SAY HI – Always start a text message or email with the words “Hi” and the person’s name.  It sounds rude when you just start it with someone’s name. My text messages and emails always start with Hi (Name), I hope you have had a great day.  I really do hope my clients have had an amazing day and I like to start all my emails like this.  I always notice when I receive a text or email from someone which just starts with my name or no name and gets straight to the point that I feel like this person is “too busy” and sometimes it just makes me take a step back.  It is lovely to receive a hello with my name.
  6. BE UNDERSTANDING – If you are having trouble understanding something, ask politely for the person to repeat what they have said, then repeat it to confirm the discussion and make sure you understand what they have said. We all have the desire to be understood, acknowledged and validated.  This is a great way to make sure you have given someone your full attention and make them feel understood and heard.

I hope that these small but powerful business etiquettes can assist you in running an efficient and affluent business. 

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