Our Solution

Real impacts for business-driven outcomes

The Tarsi Solution.

Processes crafted to help you achieve your goals – whether it’s selling your rent roll, obtaining financing or growing your own business.

When you come to us, you need real outcomes. That might be a valuation to obtain a working capital loan. Or help growing your business by finding and purchasing a new rent roll.

We focus on helping you achieve your goals by digging deep into your business and getting into the nitty gritty in your rent roll. We take the time to really get to know you, your business, how it works and how it could work better.

We never do ‘average’ work, or ‘just enough’. With our team there’s no fluff, fuss or filler. Just real impactful work to help you achieve your business goals.

When you work with the Tarsi team you get the benefit of our signature outcomes-driven solution.

We want to see you win in your personal and business goals.


As our client, our entire team works exclusively for you for the contractual period of time. Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, our focus will be on providing advice and reliability to you, and you alone. We ensure that we bring together all our years of experience to give you the value you need to proceed confidently along the next step of your business journey.

Customer centric

Our processes are intimately focused on you and your business. We provide a high level of customer services and solve the problems that are most impacting you. If your deal is about to fall over, we’ll help pull it back into line. If you’re time poor, we’ll jump in to sort out your management processes. Or if you simply need help through a rent roll purchase, we’ll see you to the end result.


Our goal is to get you the support you need to achieve the outcomes you want as quickly as possible. What is not our goal is to be in your business forever. We don’t just come in and fix problems for you – though of course we do that as well. We come in and empower your team to spot issues and capably resolve them internally.

We want to leave your business and portfolio in a clean, easy-to-manage position. And we’ll help you ensure you have the skills needed to maintain that into the future.

Outcomes focused

Each task that we undertake for you – whether big or small – is completed with an eye to your desired outcomes. We will make sure that you understand any discrepancies in your rent roll, your management paperwork or your staff processes and procedures. And that you have the tools and support you need to fix these mistakes and minimise any associated risks.

We can also provide any training needed to ensure that the right processes and methods are carried through into the future.

What we have achieved for our clients in real terms

Case Study

Uncovered $20,000 in savings in rental roll purchase price.

We saved over $20,000 on a rent roll purchase price and lowered the contract multiple from 2.9 to 2.8 due to the discovery of discrepancies in property management files.

Case Study

Accurately valued a real estate rent roll

The client had received bad advice from earlier consultants and overpaid on the purchase of a ‘management rights business’. We provided an understanding of how rent roll transactions work so that understood what their business was and could accurately value it.

Benefits of the Tarsi Solution


Our founder and director, Tarsi, is the lynchpin of our business and your rent roll genie. In her two decades of experience in running her own real estate business and working in every aspect of the real estate industry she’s seen all the mistakes (and made some herself!). This gives her an edge that ensures you aren’t making the same mistakes she did.

Tarsi is the only valuer in the real estate industry that still maintains day-to-day activity within the industry. This gives her depth of understanding that simply can’t be matched. And it means that she’ll find the value in your business and curate the solutions you need to ensure you keep that value high.

Our Team

When it comes to our team, we’re always happy to share our knowledge. We’re transparent and honest, straight forward and forthright. We’ll tell it to you straight and we’re happy to jump in and get our hands dirty when you need us.

Our goal is to give you a solution that fits your needs. Nothing less.

We’re here to help you prove your worth

Obtain financing, grow your business and understand where you’re at.