About Us

25+ years propelling the real estate industry

The Tarsi Way is a disruptor.

As a business we’re experts at rent roll due diligence, business valuation, buyer’s agent assistance and consultancy services. But it’s how we accomplish those services that makes us who we are. 

And how do we do it? By getting to know your business intimately. By getting our hands dirty in the day-to-day nitty gritty. And by creating solutions that allow you to run an affluent and efficient business that understands its true value.

About The Tarsi Way

The Tarsi Way was conceptualised by our founder and director, Tarsi. With a successful career that’s spanned over 20 years, she has an incredible depth of experience derived from managing and operating every aspect of business within a valuation firm and real estate agency.

As an expert in the real estate industry Tarsi has seen all the mistakes before. Some she’s even made herself! She leverages this well-earned knowledge to find missteps and opportunities for her clients in their own real estate and management rights businesses.

Tarsi and the Tarsi team have been evaluating and reshaping real estate agencies for more than two decades. When you work with us you’ll come away with a stronger business that is more valuable than ever.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to assist real estate and management rights business owners, run affluent and efficient businesses. Every one of our services is committed to achieving that end.

Meet Tarsi

Tarsi Founder & Director

The Tarsi Way is the result of the vision, passion and knowledge of Tarsi. And she is committed to helping her clients run an excellent real estate and management rights business.

Having worked in the real estate industry in all capacities for nearly a quarter of a century, Tarsi is privileged to have been behind the scenes of thousands of businesses. And she gets a thrill from seeing her clients achieve their goals in real estate. Whether that’s exponential growth brought on by obtaining a high-quality rent roll or better understanding the saleable value of their own portfolio, she’s here for that outcome.

Tarsi is also focused on providing new and improved business foundation ideas and systems to her clients. As she puts it, ‘I only want to be in your business as long as you need me.’ Because of that, you’ll find her openly sharing information, insight and improved systems, processes and methodologies.

Tarsi loves working with her small and tightly knit team, hanging out with her beautiful young family and cavoodle (Bailey, who is the joy of her life) at her Gold Coast home and getting down and dirty in her client’s businesses.

The experts in maximising your rent roll

Maximise the value of your rent roll, minimise risk, and streamline how you do business. Do it The Tarsi Way.