The Affluent Realtor System Initiative (T.A.R.S.I)

About Us

The Affluent Realtor System Initiative (T.A.R.S.I.) 

is the vision, passion and knowledge of Tarsi on the best practice of running an affluent and efficient real estate and management rights business.  

Tarsi has managed and operated a Business Valuation Firm and Real Estate Agency during her successful career that spans over 20 years.  


Working in the real estate industry, specifically business brokerage and business valuation, Tarsi has till now, only been able to assist one business owner at a time in running an affluent and efficient business and understanding the business value.


The Affluent Realtor System Initiative (T.A.R.S.I.) is the information source combining extensive and exclusive knowledge from simple business techniques to complex education and understanding which Tarsi will generally discuss during consultancy meetings and through rent roll valuation and rent roll due diligence.  


Speaking with business owners and being privileged to the behind the scenes of thousands of businesses, provides exclusivity to where most business owners can benefit from new and improved business foundation ideas and systems.


Tarsi breaks down information in specific ways to ensure that business owners not only understand the importance of these processes but also to assist with the ease of implementation to ensure that the business owner is operating an efficient and affluent business.


“I am ecstatic that I am able to share my knowledge and experience with business owners around the globe and help each and every one, operate and run an efficient and affluent business, which is deserving of the time and energy each business owner puts into the success of their financial independence.”